Tour of the Moon

Cycling season is winding down, but there’s still one of Colorado cyclist’s favorite rides coming up on October 1st in Grand Junction.  The Tour of the Moon is a premier ride for Coloradans. Cycling through the Colorado National Monument is a sight to be seen for sure.

Riders can choose between the metric century or the classic 41 miler. Each will take them through breath-taking scenery that is preserved through the National Park System. The Monument is a treasured landscape of the American West. Thirty-two square miles encompass rocky terrain and a splendor of color with red rock throughout the plateaus and canyons. Riders that hit the saddle early will surely catch the beautiful orange, purple, and pink tourofthemoon2hues from the sunrise. Cyclists will cruise through three tunnels that were bored through solid rock; lights are required for all riders as the tunnels are not lit and can be hard to navigate. Tour of the Moon is a well-known ride, it was made famous back in the 80’s during the Coors Classic and then again in the cycling movie, American Flyers.

Only 2,000 riders are allowed on the “Tour” and it is already full this year. But, if you’re an avid cyclist (or a beginner) and would like to start riding with a team and get into some of the limited rides next year, joining Team Project ReCycle is a great way to do just that. You can check out all the benefits of joining Team PR such as discounted entry fees, organized team rides, and PR jerseys at And by joining the team, you will make a big difference by doing what you love. The team of dedicated cyclists who support Project ReCycle raise money and awareness so that the non-profit can continue to grow. They help get bikes to children in need who otherwise wouldn’t have the freedom and joy of having their own bike. The team’s motto is “We ride today, so they can tomorrow.” If you’re not ready to join the team but would like to support them, you can make a donation. Thanks for all your support Team PR!