Tim Page on Project ReCycle and Being Chair

Tim Page still remembers riding his bike as a child and the fun times it brought him. But only recently as an adult, has he gotten back on a bike. Just a couple of weeks ago, he bought his first “adult” bike and he took it out for a 10- mile spin and really enjoyed it. He then joined Team PR, got his jersey, and hopes to spend more time in the saddle.

Tim met AJ Stapleton about 6 years ago through church, and that’s how he first came to know about Project ReCycle. “About a year ago AJ approached me about becoming a board member and being more engaged with the operation and organization of Project ReCycle,” said Tim. Prior to that he had been to a bike-give-away, volunteered at some community outreach programs, and done some grant writing for the non-profit. And today Tim sits as Chair.

Tim enjoyed the bike-give-away the most because that’s where he saw Project ReCycle’s philosophy come true. “The idea to earn a bike and take responsibility, and for the kids to take on that effort… and then ‘putting smiles on kids faces’ that’s what I love about Project ReCycle.”

Tim became Chair a little over a year ago. “I asked AJ what the Board was trying to do?” said Tim. They wanted to grow the charity… and that’s what they’ve been doing with the help of Tim and all the dedicated Board members. They did this by establishing three committees.

  • Fundraising and donor support
  • Community outreach
  • Finance, audit, and operations

There is plenty of growth with Project ReCycle and Tim positively stressed the need for more help. “We need more people for combinations of Board members and volunteers,” he said. So if anyone is feeling inspired and has some time or talent to give to the non-profit, please come on board and sign up at projectrecycle.org. Each committee meets once a month and talks about the progress toward delivering their own goals. The goals are listed for each on the calendar on the website.  “Please come volunteer and help out,” said Tim.

Another thing Tim is working on is getting Project ReCycle to stay in touch with the list of donors. ”This is so important that we stay actively engaged with our donors.”

Tim is thoroughly enjoying his time with the non-profit and his efforts are working. PR is growing in so many ways. Project ReCycle thanks you for all that you do Tim.