Team Tykes – What an inaugural Banner Year!

Early This year we put together a “Fun-Raising” cycling team, Team Tykes, to help create awareness and funds for Project ReCycle. Our “Core” team of 8 riders finished the year by raising over $13,000, creating great new relationships and awareness for Project ReCycle.


Special thanks to Steve Myer for leading us through this first year as our “Captain” and to Mike Aldrich, Mark Conrad, and Steve Myer for being our top three fund-raisers. Your work has truly been a blessing and is greatly pic 5


For 2014 we will be introducing our new team captain as well as a new format for membership to the Team. We are planning a “Kick off” event in the first quarter of 2014 and anyone that is interested in being a part of this effort will be invited to come out and learn more.


Stay tuned for more!