A Night filled with Laughter


Last week, on the night of November 4th, Comedy Works was filled with laughter. It was Project ReCycle’s 4th annual “Night of Laughter”, the non-profit’s largest fund-raiser. This year’s headliner featured Phil Palisoul’s humorous antics. The audience played along with Phil and had an amazing time.  The doors opened at 5:30 pm with a silent auction, food, and spirits. Individuals and businesses donated items everywhere from an autographed Kenny Chesney guitar to Ride the Rockies guaranteed entries…. by the time the night was over there was $50,000 brought in for the charity! This year packed in the fun and people- over 350 volunteers, board members, and friends joined in. Read more

5th Annual Wacky Bike Ride

Hey cyclists, it’s time to register for the 5th Annual Wacky Bike Ride. This year’s ride takes place on Sunday, September 13th. Come on out and help support Team Project ReCycle and Douglas County schools at the same time. A part of every rider’s registration fee goes to supplying new school supplies to students in Douglas County.

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“Elephant Rock Rides Again”

It’s that time of year again and Team Project ReCycle is getting ready for the season’s first cycling event.  Elephant Rock has a fun, family ride but also includes a 27-miler, 40-miler, and 62-miler. This year also promises a new century course, taking the cyclist through beautiful country-side, farms and pastures, and the hills of Black Forest. This ride will assure both breathtaking scenery and a challenge. This event takes place on the weekend of June 6th and 7th. Registration and rides begin at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock.

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Greg Archunde on Being an Original Board member

Greg Archunde has been with Project ReCycle from the very beginning- where it all started in AJ Stapleton’s garage. “I enjoy being on a bike, I have a love for kids, and AJ’s passion for Project ReCycle is infectious,” said Greg. “It’s been fantastic to see where Project ReCycle started and to watch that growth. We haven’t reached our full potential, but realizing how much we’re already doing is truly inspiring.  Iv’e been through a number of events and a lot of memories- seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces when they get their bike and hearing the stories from the parents and how grateful they are, show what a difference we make. It’s a simple thing that means a lot,” said Greg.

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Village Idiots’ Cycling Club Sponsors Bike Drive

“Back in 1994 my wife and I lost our twins. And to work through that and give back, I started riding in the Courage Classic in Summit County, which raises money for Children’s Hospital,” said John Rehl, president of The Village Idiots’ Cycling Club. Then my wife started riding and eventually some friends in the neighborhood were interested and wanted to bike with us too.” When more friends continued joining, they decided to name their club.

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Nancy Stapleton on Her Family and Project ReCycle

“When Aj first started Project ReCycle we couldn’t even pull our cars into the garage,” said AJ’s wife, Nancy Stapleton laughing. “It’s a three car garage and it was filled with bikes.”  Bikes were spilling out… they were on the side of the house and the patio too! So you can only imagine how happy Nancy was when the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offered the 4th floor for Project ReCycle to store their bicycles. “It’s just incredible how Project ReCycle has grown, ” said Nancy. “The Kickstand is amazing when you see all of the bikes together,  it’s the ‘Wow Factory’.”

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The Social Gives Big with Give Back Monday

The Social, a restaurant nestled in the Castle Pines community, is a local gathering place.  Gurney Thompson, one of the partners who opened The Social has decided to take initiative and follow through with the restaurant’s original mission- to give back to the community.  “My birthday is this coming Monday,” said Gurney.  “So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to start our new program, Social Give Back Monday.”  The Social will donate 10% of the entire proceeds to Project ReCycle every third Monday starting this week.  “Giving back has always been something we have wanted to do and I wanted to start honoring that.”

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Grace Community Church “Graces” Project ReCycle


Grace Community Church has been “gracing” Project ReCycle with monthly donations and volunteer hours for over a year now. Mark Donelson loves what Project ReCycle is all about- he personally got involved when the non-profit moved from the old warehouse to the 4th floor at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. “We moved over a thousand bikes- it was a lot of work, but very rewarding. I was hooked that day,” said Mark. Read more

Tyler Chappa, aka “The Joker”

Last Halloween, Tyler Chappa dressed up in costume as The Joker and went house to house asking adults Batman trivia questions. If they got it right, he gave them a Starbucks gift card (the treat). If the question was answered wrong, he gave them a Project ReCycle card (the trick) and he told them about the charity he volunteers for. Read more

Chris Grande on Bikes and Board Members

Chris Grande has been around bikes almost all his life.  When Chris was a teenager he used to ride his BMX bike 14 miles round trip to the local bike shop.  He would hang out there during the summer, which led to his first job working with bikes- and it continued from there.  “I love what bicycles mean, what they do, I love the positives they possess,” said Chris.  “A bike is a simple solution to many of life’s complex problems.” Read more