Sedalia Students Finish Up Big

On Saturday May 30th, the remaining students from Sedalia Elementary who hadn’t picked out their hard earned bicycles yet, came by The Kickstand to do just that.  Some of the students were out of town on the day of the Dream Bike Event, or couldn’t make it there on that special day. S289o Project ReCycle dedicated Saturday morning to giving those students another opportunity to receive that bike.  Kent and Patrick, the two managers of The Kickstand, located on the 4th floor of the Castle Rock Hospital– were on hand to adjust seats, fit each child with the right size bike, and even teach them to ride…. The children had a fun time riding in large circles around bright orange cones, some even whizzed by sporting their new Project ReCycle helmets.

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Nancy Stapleton on Her Family and Project ReCycle

“When Aj first started Project ReCycle we couldn’t even pull our cars into the garage,” said AJ’s wife, Nancy Stapleton laughing. “It’s a three car garage and it was filled with bikes.”  Bikes were spilling out… they were on the side of the house and the patio too! So you can only imagine how happy Nancy was when the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offered the 4th floor for Project ReCycle to store their bicycles. “It’s just incredible how Project ReCycle has grown, ” said Nancy. “The Kickstand is amazing when you see all of the bikes together,  it’s the ‘Wow Factory’.”

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Grace Community Church “Graces” Project ReCycle


Grace Community Church has been “gracing” Project ReCycle with monthly donations and volunteer hours for over a year now. Mark Donelson loves what Project ReCycle is all about- he personally got involved when the non-profit moved from the old warehouse to the 4th floor at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. “We moved over a thousand bikes- it was a lot of work, but very rewarding. I was hooked that day,” said Mark. Read more

Chris Grande on Bikes and Board Members

Chris Grande has been around bikes almost all his life.  When Chris was a teenager he used to ride his BMX bike 14 miles round trip to the local bike shop.  He would hang out there during the summer, which led to his first job working with bikes- and it continued from there.  “I love what bicycles mean, what they do, I love the positives they possess,” said Chris.  “A bike is a simple solution to many of life’s complex problems.” Read more

2014 “A Year in Review”


2014 was an amazing year for Project ReCycle. The non-profit is growing like crazy. Let’s look back at some of the great successes of the year…. There were two Dream Bike Events, that together provided a bike, helmet, water bottle, and lock to 700 students. And these students earned these bikes by improving their academics, attendance, and being respectful. Way to go kids! Read more

A “Night of Laughter” and Volunteer Patty Davis

On Wednesday, October 29th from 5:00 – 10:30 pm, Project ReCycle is hosting their 3rd annual “Night of Laughter“. Volunteer Patty Davis has taken on this project and stepped it up a a bit this year. She has organized a silent auction, and Project ReCycle rented out Comedy Works South for the entire evening. “We thought we’d switch it up a little this year”, said Patty Davis. “We added the auction and a “Big Name” for the fund-raiser.”  Comedian Steve “Mudflap” McGrew is delivering his comic act. He has been on Comedy Central and Country Music Television! Read more

Cycling Life with Linda Mettler (volunteer)

Linda Mettler first met AJ Stapleton and Jeff Fleck on the “Tony’s to Tony’s” ride a couple of years ago. Linda is a volunteer for Project ReCycle and also rides with Team Project ReCycle. Linda always enjoyed the “Tony’s to Tony’s” ride because of the gourmet food that was waiting for the riders at the stations. So when Tony’s stopped organizing the ride, she stepped up to volunteer and now there is “Gears N  Grub“. It’s inaugural bike ride is on Sunday September 28th. After putting this ride together, Linda really appreciates the hard work that goes into organizing a bike ride.  “It was fun-but a lot of work,” said Linda. Read more

Patrick Wiest (The Kickstand’s Own Sidekick)


Patrick Wiest is one of two bike-shop managers at The Kickstand. The Kickstand is where all the donated bicycles at Project ReCycle go to get a new lease on life and then are sent back out into the community to make a difference in a child’s life…. Read more