Pedal the Plains with Project ReCycle

Get ready cyclists, there’s another big ride coming up.  On the weekend of September 18-20, Pedal the Plains will be riding through the towns of Julesburg, Holyoke, and Sterling.IMG_3015

This 3-day bike event has many route options. For those cyclists that want to really push their limits there is the Century Option. And for those who want a laid back ride- there is the Family Fun Ride. Project ReCycle is sponsoring the family ride.   Read more

5th Annual Wacky Bike Ride

Hey cyclists, it’s time to register for the 5th Annual Wacky Bike Ride. This year’s ride takes place on Sunday, September 13th. Come on out and help support Team Project ReCycle and Douglas County schools at the same time. A part of every rider’s registration fee goes to supplying new school supplies to students in Douglas County.

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Project ReCycle Team Rides the Rockies

Last week was the big ride, and what a ride it was, 465 miles and over 32,500′ in elevation gain. The Project ReCycle Team rode “Ride the Rockies” as ambassadors for the non-profit. The team’s goal was to raise enough IMG_3928money to pay for 300 bikes to be refurbished and delivered- the amount of bikes given at the Dream Bike Event at Sedalia back in May.  So far the team has raised $4,211, enough for 100 bikes. But there’s still time to support the team and help them reach their goal.

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“Elephant Rock Rides Again”

It’s that time of year again and Team Project ReCycle is getting ready for the season’s first cycling event.  Elephant Rock has a fun, family ride but also includes a 27-miler, 40-miler, and 62-miler. This year also promises a new century course, taking the cyclist through beautiful country-side, farms and pastures, and the hills of Black Forest. This ride will assure both breathtaking scenery and a challenge. This event takes place on the weekend of June 6th and 7th. Registration and rides begin at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock.

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Grace Community Church “Graces” Project ReCycle


Grace Community Church has been “gracing” Project ReCycle with monthly donations and volunteer hours for over a year now. Mark Donelson loves what Project ReCycle is all about- he personally got involved when the non-profit moved from the old warehouse to the 4th floor at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. “We moved over a thousand bikes- it was a lot of work, but very rewarding. I was hooked that day,” said Mark. Read more

Tyler Chappa, aka “The Joker”

Last Halloween, Tyler Chappa dressed up in costume as The Joker and went house to house asking adults Batman trivia questions. If they got it right, he gave them a Starbucks gift card (the treat). If the question was answered wrong, he gave them a Project ReCycle card (the trick) and he told them about the charity he volunteers for. Read more

2014 “A Year in Review”


2014 was an amazing year for Project ReCycle. The non-profit is growing like crazy. Let’s look back at some of the great successes of the year…. There were two Dream Bike Events, that together provided a bike, helmet, water bottle, and lock to 700 students. And these students earned these bikes by improving their academics, attendance, and being respectful. Way to go kids! Read more

Colorado Gives Big to Project ReCycle


Yesterday was Colorado Gives Day. Colorado Gives Day is a statewide event to encourage people to donate to non-profits through online giving.  And Colorado gave so big to Project ReCycle!  AJ Stapleton and everyone who volunteers, supports, and works with Project ReCycle Thanks You Colorado!! “I am so grateful!!! I continue to be amazed by the out- pouring of generosity from all of you, my friends. I am learning to ask for help, knowing that together we can accomplish so much more, together we can bless and change the lives of so many children,” said AJ Stapleton, the non-profit’s Executive Director. Read more

Dawn Cochlan on Life lessons and Her Bike

Dawn Cochlan started volunteering with Project ReCycle about a year ago, but just right after Labor Day she became AJ Stapleton’s assistant. When AJ first told Dawn what he needed help with- he said holding his head, “I need you to take what’s in here and put it into that computer.” Dawn pointed to the computer and said, “I am here to help you in more ways than this.” In fact Dawn said giggling, “My email signature says-AJ’s right arm!” Read more

AJ Stapleton-A True “Everyday Hero”

AJ Stapleton was first named a “7 Everyday Hero” back in 2012.  But since getting to know AJ, I know he is an Everyday Hero, everyday! About six years ago, AJ had a higher calling to collect bikes for under-privileged kids.  At the time he was working in insurance, trying to make a living and support his family. “I was the guy that just wanted to make money. I knew some friends and acquaintances that had non-profits, and I remember thinking ‘why would anyone have a non-profit, how would they even make it?'”  And yet, here he is, “I don’t have any fear. My job is to do the day to day things that will help the kids,” said AJ. “I do the best that I can.” Read more