Greg Archunde on Being an Original Board member

Greg Archunde has been with Project ReCycle from the very beginning- where it all started in AJ Stapleton’s garage. “I enjoy being on a bike, I have a love for kids, and AJ’s passion for Project ReCycle is infectious,” said Greg. “It’s been fantastic to see where Project ReCycle started and to watch that growth. We haven’t reached our full potential, but realizing how much we’re already doing is truly inspiring.  Iv’e been through a number of events and a lot of memories- seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces when they get their bike and hearing the stories from the parents and how grateful they are, show what a difference we make. It’s a simple thing that means a lot,” said Greg.

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All New “Bike Mechanic Series” Launches

Project ReCycle has launched their new “Bike Mechanic Series“; it’s a program to better train volunteers so that there is a quicker turnaround time to get the bikes refurbished and out into the community to the kids. “There’s a gap between the bikes being donated and dropped off and getting the bikes fixed up and delivered,” said AJ,the non-profit’s Executive Director. Read more

“Night of Laughter”- A Huge Success

On Wednesday night, Project ReCycle hosted a “Night of Laughter” at Comedy Works South in Greenwood Village. It was the 3rd annual fundraiser’s best year yet! Everyone from family, friends, volunteers, board members, and team cyclists showed up. It was definitely a night of laughter and good times. Read more

AJ Stapleton-A True “Everyday Hero”

AJ Stapleton was first named a “7 Everyday Hero” back in 2012.  But since getting to know AJ, I know he is an Everyday Hero, everyday! About six years ago, AJ had a higher calling to collect bikes for under-privileged kids.  At the time he was working in insurance, trying to make a living and support his family. “I was the guy that just wanted to make money. I knew some friends and acquaintances that had non-profits, and I remember thinking ‘why would anyone have a non-profit, how would they even make it?'”  And yet, here he is, “I don’t have any fear. My job is to do the day to day things that will help the kids,” said AJ. “I do the best that I can.” Read more

And There Were 3

Centennial CO Walmart

Another Walmart Joins 3t Ministry Cause of Donation Bicycles for Kids

Last Wednesday morning marked another great moment for us here at 3T Ministry.

We have been working with the Highlands Ranch and Parker Walmart stores for the last 9 months.  They donate any defective bicycle to our ministry.  We have been repairing them and making them accessible to hundreds of children. Read more