4th Annual Night of Laughter…

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It’s almost that time of year again for the “Night of Laughter”, Project ReCycle’s biggest fundraiser.  This year promises to be one of the best yet…. so you’ll want to grab your tickets soon.

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“Night of Laughter”- A Huge Success

On Wednesday night, Project ReCycle hosted a “Night of Laughter” at Comedy Works South in Greenwood Village. It was the 3rd annual fundraiser’s best year yet! Everyone from family, friends, volunteers, board members, and team cyclists showed up. It was definitely a night of laughter and good times. Read more

Comedy Works Fundraiser a Huge Success

It seems like just yesterday we started to plan for our first fundraiser for 3t Ministry and Project ReCycle.  Originally we started planning for the event on April 23rd.  We locked in a date for the show on May 4th and did not look back since.

As time progressed the anticipation built as we would be able to share with so many people why we collect used donated bikes and fix them up and tell them about all of the kids that we help when we are able to present them with a bike.  We knew that with the money we raised form this fundraiser, we would be able to help many more children throughout Denver, even all of Colorado and beyond who did not have means to a bike of their own.

Last night, June 14th , 3t Ministry hosted it’s first fundraiser at the Comedy Works at Landmark.  We set out to sell 100 tickets originally, but 2 weeks later we had sold out.  We continued taking names and within the week we had sold another 50 tickets.  Over the last 10 days we were able to sell an additional 44 tickets.  We had nearly 200 friends and supporters join us for a night of laughter while 4 comedians took the stage and entertained us.

Comedy Works gave us reduced price tickets and 20% back on the food ordered at Lucy (their restaurant), a front table at the entry to the show and an opportunity to raise money throughout the night.

We started setting up at 5:00pm in anticipation of a great night. The management and staff were attentive to our needs.  Most couples started arriving between 5:30 and 6:00 to have dinner upstairs at Lucy.  More than 50 of our friends enjoyed a meal and their favorite cocktail before the start of the show.

The night seemed to go by fast.  It was around 6:45 and the crowds started coming in.  I was able to greet, shake hands and offer hugs to most people in attendance.  Everyone I spoke to looked excited to be there.  Genuine words of support were offered.  Several volunteers stepped in and helped run the ticket sales and t-shirt sales.  Laughter and chatter is all you could hear, some louder than others.  The show started around 7:45.  Originally planned for 7:30, The club was loud with anticipation.  I was asked to welcome the crowd and speak on behalf of 3t Ministry.  I took advantage of my 5 minutes of stage time to detail how our ministry has been doing and took the opportunity to thank many of the folks that have helped us thus far.

Soon enough I was off the stage and gave room for the real entertainment.  We laugh and drank the night away while raising money for a worthy cause.

I got to say we knocked it out of the park.  As of last night we have raised $6,350.  We still await $$ numbers from the meals.  All in all we had an amazing night.  We raised money and increased exposure about who we are, what we do, who we help and why we are raising money.

I am proud of every person that helps this ministry in many different forms.  If we didn’t have the volunteers we have, we could not be doing what we do.

Thanks to all of you for your support.

AJ Stapleton

Executive Director

3t Ministry Fundraiser at Comedy Works DTC

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Save The Date! Project ReCycle Fundraiser

In case you haven’t heard, we are having a party!  Well, more like a laugh fest actually!

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