Pedal the Plains with Project ReCycle

Get ready cyclists, there’s another big ride coming up.  On the weekend of September 18-20, Pedal the Plains will be riding through the towns of Julesburg, Holyoke, and Sterling.IMG_3015

This 3-day bike event has many route options. For those cyclists that want to really push their limits there is the Century Option. And for those who want a laid back ride- there is the Family Fun Ride. Project ReCycle is sponsoring the family ride.   Read more

5th Annual Wacky Bike Ride

Hey cyclists, it’s time to register for the 5th Annual Wacky Bike Ride. This year’s ride takes place on Sunday, September 13th. Come on out and help support Team Project ReCycle and Douglas County schools at the same time. A part of every rider’s registration fee goes to supplying new school supplies to students in Douglas County.

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Project ReCycle Team Rides the Rockies

Last week was the big ride, and what a ride it was, 465 miles and over 32,500′ in elevation gain. The Project ReCycle Team rode “Ride the Rockies” as ambassadors for the non-profit. The team’s goal was to raise enough IMG_3928money to pay for 300 bikes to be refurbished and delivered- the amount of bikes given at the Dream Bike Event at Sedalia back in May.  So far the team has raised $4,211, enough for 100 bikes. But there’s still time to support the team and help them reach their goal.

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Ride the Rockies Cyclists Team up for Project ReCycle

Wade Haufschild and a few other devoted cyclists have formed a team for Ride the Rockies come June of this year. This team will serve as ambassadors for Project ReCycle. It will be Wade’s third year riding the rockies and his friend Greg’s fourth ride. Wade’s wife has also joined the team and some other friends have joined as well. Wade was introduced to AJ Stapleton through a friend of his.  He recently ran into AJ and they spoke about Ride the Rockies, “We need a team for Project ReCycle,” AJ told Wade.  And that’s how it all got started. Wade and his friend Greg learned the first year, that if you don’t enter as a team, only one of you may get in. Read more

A “Night of Laughter” and Volunteer Patty Davis

On Wednesday, October 29th from 5:00 – 10:30 pm, Project ReCycle is hosting their 3rd annual “Night of Laughter“. Volunteer Patty Davis has taken on this project and stepped it up a a bit this year. She has organized a silent auction, and Project ReCycle rented out Comedy Works South for the entire evening. “We thought we’d switch it up a little this year”, said Patty Davis. “We added the auction and a “Big Name” for the fund-raiser.”  Comedian Steve “Mudflap” McGrew is delivering his comic act. He has been on Comedy Central and Country Music Television! Read more

Gears N Grub- A Culinary Experience


On Sunday September 28th, Project ReCycle is hosting its inaugural “Gears N Grub” bike ride. This event is sure to be a culinary experience that motivates the rider to the finish line!
Linda Mettler, a member of Team Project ReCycle, is the non-profit’s greatest advocate for this ride. It used to be called “The Tony’s Ride” and was sponsored by Tony’s Meats. It was cancelled last year and wasn’t going to happen this year either but, Linda decided the “Tony’s” ride needed to be continued…. so thank you Linda for putting together this new event! Read more