Sedalia Students Finish Up Big

On Saturday May 30th, the remaining students from Sedalia Elementary who hadn’t picked out their hard earned bicycles yet, came by The Kickstand to do just that.  Some of the students were out of town on the day of the Dream Bike Event, or couldn’t make it there on that special day. S289o Project ReCycle dedicated Saturday morning to giving those students another opportunity to receive that bike.  Kent and Patrick, the two managers of The Kickstand, located on the 4th floor of the Castle Rock Hospital– were on hand to adjust seats, fit each child with the right size bike, and even teach them to ride…. The children had a fun time riding in large circles around bright orange cones, some even whizzed by sporting their new Project ReCycle helmets.

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Ride the Rockies Team, Cycling Along

The devoted cyclists that signed on in March to be ambassadors for Project ReCycle are peddling right along towards the big ride coming up in June. Some of the riders are volunteering for other Project ReCycle events as well.  I caught up with Greg Horstman at The Kickstand in The Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. He volunteered to help move a few hundred bikes to Sedalia Elementary school for the Dream Bike Event on May 2.  “A good rule of thumb for training for The Ride the Rockies is to log in at least 1,000 miles before the ride,” said Greg. He had reached 509 miles so far…. Great job Greg; you’re half way there!  This will be Greg’s fourth time riding the Rockies. Wow-what an accomplishment!

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Dream Bike Event- Dreams Big!

It was Saturday morning May 2, and the sun shone brightly. What a joyous day for both the volunteers- and the recipients of the special gift of a bicycle. This year’s Project ReCycle Bike Event was held at Sedalia Elementary. Sedalia was the first school to have 100% of the students earn their own bike. What an accomplishment! Each student could earn their own bike by improving attendance, academics, and showing respect to their teachers and peers.

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Chris Grande on Bikes and Board Members

Chris Grande has been around bikes almost all his life.  When Chris was a teenager he used to ride his BMX bike 14 miles round trip to the local bike shop.  He would hang out there during the summer, which led to his first job working with bikes- and it continued from there.  “I love what bicycles mean, what they do, I love the positives they possess,” said Chris.  “A bike is a simple solution to many of life’s complex problems.” Read more

2014 “A Year in Review”


2014 was an amazing year for Project ReCycle. The non-profit is growing like crazy. Let’s look back at some of the great successes of the year…. There were two Dream Bike Events, that together provided a bike, helmet, water bottle, and lock to 700 students. And these students earned these bikes by improving their academics, attendance, and being respectful. Way to go kids! Read more

Colorado Gives Big to Project ReCycle


Yesterday was Colorado Gives Day. Colorado Gives Day is a statewide event to encourage people to donate to non-profits through online giving.  And Colorado gave so big to Project ReCycle!  AJ Stapleton and everyone who volunteers, supports, and works with Project ReCycle Thanks You Colorado!! “I am so grateful!!! I continue to be amazed by the out- pouring of generosity from all of you, my friends. I am learning to ask for help, knowing that together we can accomplish so much more, together we can bless and change the lives of so many children,” said AJ Stapleton, the non-profit’s Executive Director. Read more

Charitable Acts of Kindness

Brian Hart and Aaron Rankin are two philanthropists dedicated to making life better by donating to good causes. Their charitable acts have helped many children in Colorado. Last week at Project ReCycle’sNight of Laughter“, they donated a framed and signed Peyton Manning jersey for the silent auction.  It ended up bringing in a bid of $1800! “I bought the jersey and Brian framed it,” said Aaron.  “I wanted to help bring in a large amount of money, I wanted to be part of that.” “I wanted to get the bidding started right away,”said Aaron. “So I was the first to bid and I started at a $1000.” Read more

Whole Foods Partners with Project ReCycle

Project ReCycle is pleased to announce their newest partnership with Whole Foods Market in Highlands Ranch. Effective October 1st, the Whole Foods store located at (9366 S. Colorado Blvd, Highlands Ranch 80126) became a year-round bike drop-off location for Project ReCycle. Whole Foods’ Higher Purpose Statement describes the company and employee’s commitment to partner and support Project ReCycle. “With great courage, integrity, and love- we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our planet can flourish. All the while, celebrating the sheer love and joy of food.” Read more