Sedalia Students Finish Up Big

On Saturday May 30th, the remaining students from Sedalia Elementary who hadn’t picked out their hard earned bicycles yet, came by The Kickstand to do just that.  Some of the students were out of town on the day of the Dream Bike Event, or couldn’t make it there on that special day. S289o Project ReCycle dedicated Saturday morning to giving those students another opportunity to receive that bike.  Kent and Patrick, the two managers of The Kickstand, located on the 4th floor of the Castle Rock Hospital– were on hand to adjust seats, fit each child with the right size bike, and even teach them to ride…. The children had a fun time riding in large circles around bright orange cones, some even whizzed by sporting their new Project ReCycle helmets.

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Nancy Stapleton on Her Family and Project ReCycle

“When Aj first started Project ReCycle we couldn’t even pull our cars into the garage,” said AJ’s wife, Nancy Stapleton laughing. “It’s a three car garage and it was filled with bikes.”  Bikes were spilling out… they were on the side of the house and the patio too! So you can only imagine how happy Nancy was when the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offered the 4th floor for Project ReCycle to store their bicycles. “It’s just incredible how Project ReCycle has grown, ” said Nancy. “The Kickstand is amazing when you see all of the bikes together,  it’s the ‘Wow Factory’.”

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Ride the Rockies Cyclists Team up for Project ReCycle

Wade Haufschild and a few other devoted cyclists have formed a team for Ride the Rockies come June of this year. This team will serve as ambassadors for Project ReCycle. It will be Wade’s third year riding the rockies and his friend Greg’s fourth ride. Wade’s wife has also joined the team and some other friends have joined as well. Wade was introduced to AJ Stapleton through a friend of his.  He recently ran into AJ and they spoke about Ride the Rockies, “We need a team for Project ReCycle,” AJ told Wade.  And that’s how it all got started. Wade and his friend Greg learned the first year, that if you don’t enter as a team, only one of you may get in. Read more

Getting to Know Kent Urieff (Bike Shop Manager)

Kent had been looking for a non-profit to volunteer his time to for quite a while, when he came across an article in the “Your Hub” section of the Denver Post. Project ReCycle was looking for experienced bicycle mechanics to volunteer their expertise. This was right up Kent’s alley. He told me, “I started working on bikes as a kid, in Hawaii.” Read more

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is not a typical building for storing and repairing bikes

The big warehouse on Compark Blvd that Project ReCycle came to call home for almost a year was filled with bikes, tools, and the smell of it’s typical vast cold air.  The soft rumble of mechanics and volunteers there to witness the last few days of occupancy at what we called, The Kick Stand.  I could see that everyone was going to miss this space.  It had, very well defined the major growth of our organization.  Of course we remember the first days there.  Unlocking the doors to thousands of square feet of possibility. The pride we took in watching the warehouse slowly fill from 5 bikes to 10, to truckloads, to 20,000 sq full of bikes of all sizes.  We had our corner of cruisers, and the rows of trikes, and the old ten speeds, and the fleets of racing road bikes.  It was a beautiful sight.  So much so, that we kept pulling people in to enjoy if nothing else, the overwhelming feeling of how many lives we can touch.  And quickly our community grew, and the fans of our mission kept coming.   Project ReCycle has been blessed with many things, including that as we say goodbye to one thing, we are given another. Read more