Grace Community Church “Graces” Project ReCycle


Grace Community Church has been “gracing” Project ReCycle with monthly donations and volunteer hours for over a year now. Mark Donelson loves what Project ReCycle is all about- he personally got involved when the non-profit moved from the old warehouse to the 4th floor at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. “We moved over a thousand bikes- it was a lot of work, but very rewarding. I was hooked that day,” said Mark. Read more

All New “Bike Mechanic Series” Launches

Project ReCycle has launched their new “Bike Mechanic Series“; it’s a program to better train volunteers so that there is a quicker turnaround time to get the bikes refurbished and out into the community to the kids. “There’s a gap between the bikes being donated and dropped off and getting the bikes fixed up and delivered,” said AJ,the non-profit’s Executive Director. Read more

Dawn Cochlan on Life lessons and Her Bike

Dawn Cochlan started volunteering with Project ReCycle about a year ago, but just right after Labor Day she became AJ Stapleton’s assistant. When AJ first told Dawn what he needed help with- he said holding his head, “I need you to take what’s in here and put it into that computer.” Dawn pointed to the computer and said, “I am here to help you in more ways than this.” In fact Dawn said giggling, “My email signature says-AJ’s right arm!” Read more

Whole Foods Sponsors “Recycle Your Bicycle”

New Picture (1)New Picture (1)

On Saturday, October 18th, Whole Foods is sponsoring a “Recycle your Bicycle” event from 9-12pm at its market in Highlands Ranch. So all you avid cyclists and foodies come on out and bring your gently used bike to 9366 S. Colorado Blvd and enjoy some yummy snacks provided by Whole Foods vendors. There will be some fresh juices, bakery goodies, and bicycle chocolate…. yum! Read more

Cycling Life with Linda Mettler (volunteer)

Linda Mettler first met AJ Stapleton and Jeff Fleck on the “Tony’s to Tony’s” ride a couple of years ago. Linda is a volunteer for Project ReCycle and also rides with Team Project ReCycle. Linda always enjoyed the “Tony’s to Tony’s” ride because of the gourmet food that was waiting for the riders at the stations. So when Tony’s stopped organizing the ride, she stepped up to volunteer and now there is “Gears N  Grub“. It’s inaugural bike ride is on Sunday September 28th. After putting this ride together, Linda really appreciates the hard work that goes into organizing a bike ride.  “It was fun-but a lot of work,” said Linda. Read more

A Chat with Melissa Tank (volunteer)


Melissa first learned about Project ReCycle while standing in line at check-in for “Pedal the Plains”, a cycling event here in Colorado. AJ Stapleton, Project ReCycle’s Executive Director , was wearing this “really cool jersey,” she said. A big smile came across Melissa’s face as she told me the story. “How can I get one of those?” asked Melissa. AJ explained to her that the jersey was for “Team Project ReCycle” members. The team rides together in cycling events to raise money for the non-profit. The funds collected go back to Project ReCycle- which rebuilds donated bikes and gets them back into the community to kids in need. Read more

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is not a typical building for storing and repairing bikes

The big warehouse on Compark Blvd that Project ReCycle came to call home for almost a year was filled with bikes, tools, and the smell of it’s typical vast cold air.  The soft rumble of mechanics and volunteers there to witness the last few days of occupancy at what we called, The Kick Stand.  I could see that everyone was going to miss this space.  It had, very well defined the major growth of our organization.  Of course we remember the first days there.  Unlocking the doors to thousands of square feet of possibility. The pride we took in watching the warehouse slowly fill from 5 bikes to 10, to truckloads, to 20,000 sq full of bikes of all sizes.  We had our corner of cruisers, and the rows of trikes, and the old ten speeds, and the fleets of racing road bikes.  It was a beautiful sight.  So much so, that we kept pulling people in to enjoy if nothing else, the overwhelming feeling of how many lives we can touch.  And quickly our community grew, and the fans of our mission kept coming.   Project ReCycle has been blessed with many things, including that as we say goodbye to one thing, we are given another. Read more

Project ReCycle able to expand in new space

Posted: Friday, June 21, 2013 9:00 am | Updated: 9:12 am, Fri Jun 21, 2013.

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Alberto “AJ” Stapleton stands among more than 1,000 donated bicycles at Project ReCycle’s new location 13796 Compark Blvd. in unincorporated Arapahoe County. A Texas developer donated the 21,000-square-foot space where the charity now houses its repair shop, inventory and resale shop called “The Kick Stand.”

As Alberto Stapleton walks across the floor of an empty warehouse, his tall, sturdy frame seems to disappear in the vast space.“This is a long ways from the eight storage units we used to have to work out of in Littleton,” said Stapleton. He serves as executive director of Project Recycle, a charity organization founded in 2008 that repairs donated bicycles and puts them in the hands of those less fortunate.Stapleton said the space, donated by the private developer who owns the building, has added momentum and reach to the group’s mission.


“We were actually surprised when we pulled all the bikes out of storage and set them up,” he said. “We had no idea how many we had because they were all stuffed into these public storage units, but now, we see how much more we have to give.”

The group moved into the space at 13796 Compark Blvd. in unincorporated Douglas County in October. Stapleton said the extra breathing room has fostered the addition of nine new bicycle repair stations, and the creation of a new resale shop called The Kick Stand.

While Project Recycle accepts bike donations of all makes, models and condition, some are not always a good for kids or the average rider, according to Stapleton.

Higher-end bikes, such as those with specialized frames or those that may have a higher resale value, are sold, and the proceeds go back into Project Recycle.

But Stapleton said the new space is just the beginning of bigger things to come.

“The bikes aren’t always just for kids,” he explained. “We have a lot of bikes for parents as well. Some need them to get to and from work or the bus; others often ride with their kids.”

Project Recycle, which has given away more than 3,000 bikes since its inception, is looking at expansions into Castle Rock, Colorado Springs and New Mexico.

Among Project ReCycle’s biggest needs right now is a pickup truck to pull a small covered trailer.

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us before that happens,” Stapleton said. “But it’s worth it, when you see that smile on a kid’s face. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

For more information, visit Project ReCycle online at

Read more


Calling all volunteers for this year’s Community Kids Bike Fair!

3T Ministry is hosting this year’s Bike Fair for the Inner City Health Center. The Bike Fair is a way to build a bridge between the suburbs and the inner city. The Bike Fair is May 21st from 9am to 1pm.

We need approximately 116 volunteers for this worthwhile event. Volunteer positions include everything from setup and clean up, concession stands, registration, greeters, bike assistants and more! Volunteers are welcome from ages 12 and up Read more