Sedalia Students Finish Up Big

On Saturday May 30th, the remaining students from Sedalia Elementary who hadn’t picked out their hard earned bicycles yet, came by The Kickstand to do just that.  Some of the students were out of town on the day of the Dream Bike Event, or couldn’t make it there on that special day. S289o Project ReCycle dedicated Saturday morning to giving those students another opportunity to receive that bike.  Kent and Patrick, the two managers of The Kickstand, located on the 4th floor of the Castle Rock Hospital– were on hand to adjust seats, fit each child with the right size bike, and even teach them to ride…. The children had a fun time riding in large circles around bright orange cones, some even whizzed by sporting their new Project ReCycle helmets.


One girl was extremely devoted to helping her younger sister learn to ride- even though her sister clearly did not want her help. A mom and her newly adopted twins couldn’t make it on either day, so her neighbor and her neighbor’s son came to pick out two bikes for the twins. A little boy who was learning to ride for the first time was grinning ear to ear!  This is the reason Project ReCycle keeps on giving- it’s that smile, the determined face, and community of friends and neighbors helping each other out.267

Once again Sedalia, congratulations on 100% of the student body earning a bicycle. Way to go kids!183