Welcome Channel 7 Viewers! We Are Happy To Have You!

Welcome to all of our new visitors that are joining us this week after watching the Channel 7 piece on AJ Stapleton an Everyday Hero recipient!

aj stapleton gets everyday hero award

We are all so proud of AJ and excited for him that he has received this recognition from the Denver community for all of his work with Project ReCycle and 3t Ministry. He works so hard to make Project ReCycle a reality and it truly is his passion.

Our mission at Project ReCycle is to make sure every child, as far as we can reach, has access to a bicycle. A bicycle can change a child’s life. It can provide them with fun, with exercise, perhaps as a teen transportation to a part time job, and even a way to school.

How do we do this?

At Project ReCycle we do this by collecting used bikes, fixing them up and donating them to charity. Our parent project is 3t Ministry and we do other important work there such as winter coat & blanket drives and promoting a healthy lifestyle through events such as bike races.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors of The Every Day Hero Program and Channel 7! Wells Fargo is a very special sponsor that runs a donation program. If you have been thinking of opening an account, let them know that you support Project Recycle and a $50 donation will be made to our charity. We’ll post more on that tomorrow!

We hope you will come back and visit us again! Subscribe to receive updates and if you have a used bike to donate we would love to take it off your hands. All Colorado Tony’s Meats locations are every day drop of points, we are so appreciative of their support as well. And if you would like to volunteer or make a donation, we are most grateful for that as well.

Thanks again & Welcome!