Help Wanted: Seeking a New Executive Director

Project ReCycle is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Executive Director.  Please see the included job descriptions for a complete understanding of the position’s responsibilities.  Qualified candidates will have:

1) Five or more years of non-profit leadership experience

2) Experience in fundraising and relationship building with donors

3) Competence in setting a strategy with the support of the Board of Directors and executing to annual plans that deliver that strategy

4) The ability to motivate staff and volunteers

5) Strong communication skills, a history of teamwork and high integrity

We are looking to fill the position by October 1, 2017.  Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to .  Top candidates will be contacted for an interview. For full details, click below.

Job Title: Project Recycle Executive Director

Job Function:

  • Implement the strategic goals and objectives of the organization as determined by the Board of Directors
  • Provide information to the Board of Directors which enables fulfillment of its governing function
  • Provide direction and leadership to employees, volunteers, donors, and community members in a manner which advances the mission of the organization.

Reports to: Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Manages all aspects of fundraising for the organization. This includes implementing a well-structured fundraising plan, identifying potential new sources of funding, submitting proposals for grant requests, maintaining and building relationships with key donors, establishing strategies to access potential donors, oversight of third party fundraising agreements, acting as a games administrator for raffles, fundraising events, supporting other organizations as a source of funding, and administering fundraising records.
  2. First hand involvement and management oversight for the work of our employees and volunteers in our bike shop. This is critical to the delivery of the organization’s programs and ensures the collection, storage, and repair of bicycles is completed in line with standard operating procedures.
  3. Successful delivery of the organization’s programs including Dream Bike, Bikes for Tykes, and Recycle your Bicycle. Responsibilities include program design, participant selection, marketing, resource gathering, event execution, and review.
  4. Ongoing involvement in Board Committees which includes Finance & Operations, Fundraising & Donor Support, and Volunteer & Community Outreach. These committees provide a monthly platform for setting detailed direction, ensuring support, and gaining feedback.
  5. Formation and leadership over defined Sub-Committees to deliver specific annual events. This currently includes Night of Laughter, the Wacky Ride, Western Night, and Team Project ReCycle.  Successful delivery requires planning, budgeting, motivating volunteers, sponsorship, venue selection, marketing, sales, and event execution as defined within the standard operating procedures.
  6. Maintain proper control over all financial, tax, risk, information, and facility matters in line with the Delegation of Authority and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, bylaws and articles of incorporation. This includes but is not limited to the recommendation of an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors, operating within the parameters of the approved annual budget, completing annual tax filings, maintaining proper levels of insurance, accurate payroll, document and information storage, database maintenance, supplier disbursements, collection of receivables, annual physical inventory, control over the organizations assets, bank accounts, and credit facilities, limiting risk, and being good stewards to our donors by ensuring cost controls.
  7. Effective management of our human resources, both employees and volunteers, in accordance with policy and applicable laws to build a culture that attracts the support of good people that have a passion for our mission. This includes effective supervision by setting objectives in line with job descriptions and the organization’s goals, completing evaluations for paid employees, recruitment of volunteers through ongoing community outreach, volunteer relationship building to limit turnover, and providing ongoing development, motivation, and encouragement.
  8. Create and deliver a plan for ongoing community outreach and public relations which properly promotes the mission and programs of the organization. This includes the creation of a standard communication approach to publicize events and activities while building and maintaining strong relationships with government agencies, school districts, community groups, other charitable organizations, volunteers, donors, sponsors, collection locations, related parties, and the general public.
  9. Work within the confines set by the Board of Directors by providing ongoing information that allows fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities, communication of perspectives and recommendations, and updates on the status of key events, programs, and strategies.