Cycling Life with Linda Mettler (volunteer)

Linda Mettler first met AJ Stapleton and Jeff Fleck on the “Tony’s to Tony’s” ride a couple of years ago. Linda is a volunteer for Project ReCycle and also rides with Team Project ReCycle. Linda always enjoyed the “Tony’s to Tony’s” ride because of the gourmet food that was waiting for the riders at the stations. So when Tony’s stopped organizing the ride, she stepped up to volunteer and now there is “Gears N  Grub“. It’s inaugural bike ride is on Sunday September 28th. After putting this ride together, Linda really appreciates the hard work that goes into organizing a bike ride.  “It was fun-but a lot of work,” said Linda.

Linda has been road-biking for about 9 years now. Her husband Lance got her into cycling.  She’s come a long way siLinda Metler 1nce those first few rides. When she first started riding she said, “I’d go on a 10 mile bike ride and would have to stop about 7 times!” Laughing… “I would say, oh my gosh-I can’t do this…but biking has brought me personal growth and satisfaction,” said Linda. She has done many bike events that travel great distances. She’s completed the MS 150, the Copper Triangle, and the Elephant Rock ride, to name a few. Linda goes to Deer Creek Canyon every single week to do her favorite ride. “I love being outside and just riding. And the scenery is beautiful!”

Linda, her husband Lance, and her son Matt all three volunteered for a Dream Bike Event-hosted by Project ReCycle, and Matt also volunteered at The Kickstand for his high school community service. So it looks like the whole family has a special place with Project ReCycle. Lance also does many fund-raising rides with the team. Between the three of them, their garage holds 8 bicycles! One is a cruiser bike that Linda bought (via donation) from Project ReCycle.  They also donated a couple of their old bikes to the non-profit to be refurbished at The Kickstand.

Linda Metler 2