Dream Bike Event

It’s a Saturday Spring morning.  Volunteers are showing up by the two’s and three’s.  Families and friends walk up. Mechanics are arriving.  People from Feedback Sports, 6202 Cycling Club, Trek, American Family Insurance and many other companies arrive… American Furniture Warehouse provided trucks to safely transport the hundreds of bikes directly to the schools. The bikes are laid out in rows. Read more

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is not a typical building for storing and repairing bikes

The big warehouse on Compark Blvd that Project ReCycle came to call home for almost a year was filled with bikes, tools, and the smell of it’s typical vast cold air.  The soft rumble of mechanics and volunteers there to witness the last few days of occupancy at what we called, The Kick Stand.  I could see that everyone was going to miss this space.  It had, very well defined the major growth of our organization.  Of course we remember the first days there.  Unlocking the doors to thousands of square feet of possibility. The pride we took in watching the warehouse slowly fill from 5 bikes to 10, to truckloads, to 20,000 sq full of bikes of all sizes.  We had our corner of cruisers, and the rows of trikes, and the old ten speeds, and the fleets of racing road bikes.  It was a beautiful sight.  So much so, that we kept pulling people in to enjoy if nothing else, the overwhelming feeling of how many lives we can touch.  And quickly our community grew, and the fans of our mission kept coming.   Project ReCycle has been blessed with many things, including that as we say goodbye to one thing, we are given another. Read more