Dream Bike Event

It’s a Saturday Spring morning.  Volunteers are showing up by the two’s and three’s.  Families and friends walk up. Mechanics are arriving.  People from Feedback Sports, 6202 Cycling Club, Trek, American Family Insurance and many other companies arrive… American Furniture Warehouse provided trucks to safely transport the hundreds of bikes directly to the schools. The bikes are laid out in rows. Read more

Simple Ways to Increase your Cycling Visibility

by SCOTT O’SULLIVAN, Esq on December 8, 2013

In August 2009, the Title 42 of the Colorado Statute has been amended to incorporate the Bicycle Safety Bill. However, every experienced Denver bicycle accident lawyer would agree that the newly enacted laws have not significantly lowered the number of bicycle accidents. Thus, many cyclists believe that the safety procedures incorporated in the Bicycle Safety Bill should be treated as a minimum rather than relying on them entirely.

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