Tour of the Moon

Cycling season is winding down, but there’s still one of Colorado cyclist’s favorite rides coming up on October 1st in Grand Junction.  The Tour of the Moon is a premier ride for Coloradans. Cycling through the Colorado National Monument is a sight to be seen for sure.

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The All New Wacky Bike Ride

The Wacky Bike Ride is back and bigger than ever. The Wacky has grown a lot over the last five years and the original founders of the ride, siblings Susie and Ted Wargin, decided to turn over the Wacky to Project ReCycle this past February.

“We are very proud to be handing over the reins of the Wacky Bike Ride to Project ReCycle. Growing an event takes time and we both find we are having less and less of that these days. We want to see the Wacky grow and have the utmost confidence in AJ, Jeff, and all the great folks at Project ReCycle to make that happen,” said Susie Wargin.

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Copper Triangle- the Alpine Classic

Cycling season is now in full spin. And for those of you who have been watching The Tour de France, you may be inspired to challenge yourself and test your abilities on the bike. Colorado’s classic alpine race is coming up soon. This 78-mile loop takes place on Saturday, August 6th.

Cyclists will begin and end their ride in Copper Mountain resort.  Riders will pass three ski areas along the route.  After riding over Fremont, Tennessee, and Vail pass, bikers will gain almost 6,000 feet in elevation. This could be one of the most challenging day rides in the Colorado mountains, and some of the most breath-taking views as well.

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Riding the Rockies… Post Ride

Joe Bishop has only been cycling for a little over a year now. After attending last year’s Bike Give-Away, he was inspired to start riding with AJ and Team Project ReCycle last summer. “I’m a goal oriented person, and entering Ride the Rockies for the first time with Team PR was a challenging goal for me,” said Joe. The most challenging aspect of RTR for Joe was the duration of the ride. “I had done the Copper Triangle, but I hadn’t been on a long ride in the mountains for more than a day. Day three and four were really tough; I was really feeling it. But there was always someone there from the team to push me along, saying ‘you got this’.” Read more

Team PR Ridin’ the Rockies

Cycling season is in full speed. One of the most challenging and rewarding rides is upon us again.  Ride the Rockies is a 6-day tour through the stately mountains of Colorado beginning June 12th. The ride promises stops and tours through some of our favorite mountain towns.

This year’s ride starts in the enchanting town of Carbondale, then on to Aspen where cyclists will be able to experience the beauty and clean mountain air of Independence Pass from the saddle of their bike. Cyclists will then bike to Copper Mountain and onto Grand Lake. They will tour through Rocky Mountain National Park and into Fort Collins where the ride finishes up.

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Dream Bike Event

It’s a Saturday Spring morning.  Volunteers are showing up by the two’s and three’s.  Families and friends walk up. Mechanics are arriving.  People from Feedback Sports, 6202 Cycling Club, Trek, American Family Insurance and many other companies arrive… American Furniture Warehouse provided trucks to safely transport the hundreds of bikes directly to the schools. The bikes are laid out in rows. Read more

Team Tykes – What an inaugural Banner Year!

Early This year we put together a “Fun-Raising” cycling team, Team Tykes, to help create awareness and funds for Project ReCycle. Our “Core” team of 8 riders finished the year by raising over $13,000, creating great new relationships and awareness for Project ReCycle. Read more

Project ReCycle able to expand in new space

Posted: Friday, June 21, 2013 9:00 am | Updated: 9:12 am, Fri Jun 21, 2013.

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Alberto “AJ” Stapleton stands among more than 1,000 donated bicycles at Project ReCycle’s new location 13796 Compark Blvd. in unincorporated Arapahoe County. A Texas developer donated the 21,000-square-foot space where the charity now houses its repair shop, inventory and resale shop called “The Kick Stand.”

As Alberto Stapleton walks across the floor of an empty warehouse, his tall, sturdy frame seems to disappear in the vast space.“This is a long ways from the eight storage units we used to have to work out of in Littleton,” said Stapleton. He serves as executive director of Project Recycle, a charity organization founded in 2008 that repairs donated bicycles and puts them in the hands of those less fortunate.Stapleton said the space, donated by the private developer who owns the building, has added momentum and reach to the group’s mission.


“We were actually surprised when we pulled all the bikes out of storage and set them up,” he said. “We had no idea how many we had because they were all stuffed into these public storage units, but now, we see how much more we have to give.”

The group moved into the space at 13796 Compark Blvd. in unincorporated Douglas County in October. Stapleton said the extra breathing room has fostered the addition of nine new bicycle repair stations, and the creation of a new resale shop called The Kick Stand.

While Project Recycle accepts bike donations of all makes, models and condition, some are not always a good for kids or the average rider, according to Stapleton.

Higher-end bikes, such as those with specialized frames or those that may have a higher resale value, are sold, and the proceeds go back into Project Recycle.

But Stapleton said the new space is just the beginning of bigger things to come.

“The bikes aren’t always just for kids,” he explained. “We have a lot of bikes for parents as well. Some need them to get to and from work or the bus; others often ride with their kids.”

Project Recycle, which has given away more than 3,000 bikes since its inception, is looking at expansions into Castle Rock, Colorado Springs and New Mexico.

Among Project ReCycle’s biggest needs right now is a pickup truck to pull a small covered trailer.

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us before that happens,” Stapleton said. “But it’s worth it, when you see that smile on a kid’s face. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

For more information, visit Project ReCycle online at

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3T Ministry has so many blessings to share this month.

Dear Supporters,

We want to include you in our 3T Ministry celebrations!  This week we feel so blessed for all the attention 3T Ministry has received.

On Septemeber 4th AJ and 3T Ministry were asked to be showcased on My Favorite Non Profit radio station.  Please take a moment to learn more about 3T Ministry and how this great non-profit organization got its start.  Click link here to be redirected to youtube or feel free to join our Facebook Group and Twitter Updates for even more information.  AJ put out a request while on the air to have everyone send in their suggested name for the coat collection arm of 3T Ministry.   Please feel free to send us your suggestions as well.  Project Recycle is the name of 3T’s bike program, but the coat collection is still unamed. Read more

This week at 3T Ministry


At this moment you could reach out to neighbors and collect a bike that can help a
child stay active, travel to school a little easier and put a smile on their face.
Warm your heart by motivating your charitable spirit.
Charity should begin at home, but should not stay there. ~ Phillips Brooks.

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