Press Release: Wacky Bike Ride Changes Hands

LONE TREE, FEBRUARY 18,2016  –  As avid cyclists, siblings Susie and Ted Wargin participated in many organized bicycle rides and five years ago, they decided to start their own ride, the Wacky Bike Ride. Starting in Highlands Ranch, the ride benefited the Douglas County Educational Foundation, a program for Douglas County schools. The Wacky Bike Ride grew over the last 5 years and has a loyal following of cyclists, volunteers and sponsors. After the September 2015 event, the siblings decided it was time to make some changes and has entered a 3 year agreement turning the event over to Douglas County non-profit Project ReCycle.

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Wacky Bike Ride, Team PR and Ride The Rockies News

Wacky Bike Ride

wackyIt is official my friends !

PR is now the official beneficiary of the Wacky Bike Ride. The decision to purchase the ride is our commitment to add sustainable sources of income for our Non-Profit. We are delighted to be working with Susie and Ted Wargin, the ride founders. They have agreed to remain engaged in the ride as Emcees and event consultants. The collaboration made sense since our vision lined up with the ride purpose of helping children.  Our engagement will allow us to extend our support of children’s education beyond Douglas County.   Although we are hoping to keep the route the same for this year, we are adding a couple of great amenities for your entertainment. The website should be updated by March 1st. meanwhile like us on FB, and follow us on Twitter.


Team PR

jacketIf you haven’t signed up for the team this year, please do so ASAP.

We will be extending our Team Jacket bonus with registration until 2/29/2016.

We delayed the printing of jerseys until we could finalize our purchase of the Bike Ride. We have added a Wacky reference to the team jerseys, so we are now ready for final approval. For a complete list of team benefits, please follow the link below. you can also pay via the secured link.


Ride the Rockies Guaranteed Entry

rtrAs a collaborative partner of the RTR we have secured 18 guaranteed entries to the ride.  The RTR ride is only open to 2000 riders. Signing directly with them does not guarantee acceptance since they operate a lottery system to select participants.  The event sells out every year and many are turned away. As a member of our team, we have a guaranteed entry waiting for you.  We have 8 team members committed already. We have room for 10 more. Last year we had 18 people representing PR on this week long ride. Want to learn more or have an interest? please email me with the link below. Guaranteed Registration codes are available on first come basis. Registration closes 2/28/2016. Don’t Delay.