Announcing PROJECT RE-CYCLE: Our 3t Ministry Bike Program

3t Ministry Bike Program Receives Own Name

donated bikeIt’s official friends, PROJECT RE-CYCLE will be the new name for our bike program here at 3t Ministry.

We invited our Facebook fans and friends to vote and suggest names for our bike program.  The decision to name the program was made by Executive Director late last year.  “We are committed to our Christian Values and that has been the core for 3t Ministry since the beginning.  Last year we found out that donors were more apt to donate a bike once they found out what 3T was all about.  After listening to our donors, we understood the need for a name that would give us immediate identity without having to explain what we did. We asked for suggestions for a name that clearly identified what we do…give away bikes. I think our fans and friends picked the right name.”

More good news.  Late last year The Art Institute of Colorado (AIC) chose our non-profit for their winter project. AIC will create our web design, logo, artwork, brochures and related marketing materials for our new project at no cost.  They have assigned a design team to work with our Executive Director over a period of 11 weeks starting mid January 2012.

Don’t be shy, we would love to hear your comments and thoughts below!