2 Little Bikes That Will Make A Difference

He rides away, and pedals as hard as his shark bike will allow him. A certain glow in his eyes filled with happiness, and freedom. Shouting with excitement while the wind blows through his new, green, helmet. Looking back only to say thank you, and then he rides to face the world.

Two weeks ago, my two sisters, and myself, bought a shark bike and a spider man bike for the 3T Ministry bike drive. We had been saving our money, so that we would be able to donate a bike to 3T Ministry. What better way to spend the money that we saved, so bring joy into bicycles for denver donationsomeone else’s heart.

As 3T Ministry volunteers, I feel that we are all called to give to others, in a way that feels more outstanding then we feel capable. I know that I speak for my sisters and myself, when is say that giving isn’t just giving, but rather giving is a message in itself. Buying those two bikes for 3T Ministry brought joy to me and my sister, and was a bonding experience that we really enjoyed. What better way to do volunteer work, when you are surrounded by the ones that you love!

So let me ask you this: what do you expect from yourself when volunteering? No bar has ever been set for you to reach by 3T Ministry, but why not set one for yourself. In stead of just giving to give, give because you have a purpose, and because it is more than you expected from yourself.