Do you remember your first bike?

I’m sure you remember getting your first bike and how thrilled you were at your new-found freedom. Though it is hard to comprehend, a significant number of kids in the Denver Metro area have never experienced that dream of a first bike.

Here at Project ReCycle, we are all about bikes, but we are also all about giving kids the gift of believing in themselves! By encouraging the students to work hard to earn their bikes, we are joining with them and their community to invest in their education and their future, one bike at a time.

Helping Children Within Our Community

It takes a community to make Dream Bike a reality for the numerous communities in need in our city. Our Dream Bike program is currently reaching over 800 students per year at nine Denver Metro Area schools, but we are working hard to expand those numbers each year. We’d love for you to join us in helping make a kid’s dream of a first bike become a reality through Dream Bike. Here’s how you can help us:

Donate Bikes
Donate Dollars
Nominate a School
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