Ride the Rockies

Our team will be riding Ride the Rockies in June of this year! We will be wearing Project ReCycle jerseys to help promote the awareness of this incredible organization and we hope to financially support their endeavors with your help!

What is Project Recycle?

Project ReCycle collects donated bikes and brings them back to The Kick Stand (4th floor of Castle Rock Adventist Hospital) to be inspected and refurbished. The bikes are refurbished for reuse, or they are dismantled for parts or recycled. Project ReCycle has several programs including the Bike Mechanic Series, ReCycle Your Bicycle, and the Dream Bike program.

What is Done with the Refurbished Bikes?

The program that the Ride the Rockies team will be supporting this year is Project ReCycle’s Dream Bike Program. This is biggest event done each year by Project ReCycle. Each year, Project ReCycle partners with a local elementary school and gives children an opportunity to earn a free bicycle based on the child’s improvements in attendance, grades and respect. Working with the school’s administration, the children will be given an opportunity to improve in these three areas and earn a bike from Project ReCycle. In addition to a refurbished bike, they will also receive a helmet, a water bottle and bike lock. An earned bike has proven to be more valuable to a child than a bike that was just given to them. There is incredible pride in ownership for a bike they have earned.

Project ReCycle follows up with the school and kids who earned a bicycle by teaching basic bike maintenance and bike safety. They are also encouraged to ride their new bikes to school as much as possible.

Since it’s inception, Project ReCycle’s Dream Bike Program has benefited over 3,000 children!

How is Ride the Rockies Team Helping?

Our Ride the Rockies team this year would like to cover the cost of as many of these bikes as possible for this years’ Dream Bike Program. Project ReCycle intends to deliver approximately 300 bikes to Sedalia Elementary and each bike costs an average of $42 to refurbish and deliver.

For 300 bikes, that’s a team goal of $12,600!!

Please consider how many kids you would like to impact by sponsoring a bike (or two or three). Any amount helps toward the goal of delivering these bikes to wonderful kids with ultimate result being miles of smiles. All donations are tax deductible.

What is Project Recycle’s Passion?

Everything that Project ReCycle does is an endeavor to allow kids to be kids. There is innocence in children that is often taken away from them at a very young age. Circumstances and other outside factors have wedged their way into too many children’s lives at an early age. Project Recycle is about giving these children an opportunity to get on a bike and regain a little of that innocence and freedom that children experience exploring their own environment and neighborhoods on two wheels!




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