Success is a Community Effort

Project ReCycle provides incentive-based giving to underprivileged youth, both for the numerous benefits of receiving a bike – such as health, freedom, and responsibility – but also for the long-term benefits of knowing that they have worked hard to earn their bike through their education, which will pay dividends for years to come because they now know that they can accomplish great things when they put in the effort!

Our Dream Bike program provides a refurbished bicycle, new helmet, bike lock, and safety lights to students who earn their bike during a semester in school through the Three A’s: Academics, Attendance, and Attitude. In 2018, our Dream Bike program is in ten Title-1 schools (a Title-1 school is one in which 75% or more of its students qualify for free or reduced lunch) and roughly 1,000 students are being given the opportunity to earn their bike this year.

But to accomplish all of this and more, we need your help. Success is a community effort and if it weren’t for all our amazing supporters, Project ReCycle wouldn’t exist. If you have a passion for kids, bicycles, and/or education, please consider supporting our organization with your financial donation. Every donation we receive is a huge help, so whether you can give a one-time gift of $1 or sign up for a recurring donation of $100 per month, your contribution will make a significant impact!

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I love Project ReCycle and my new pink bike! Thank you for making me feel special!

Kayla4th grade, Lansing Elementary

Those were some amazing bikes you provided us! Many, Many, Many thanks!!

Enita Kearns-HoutRegional Director, Catholic Charities Serving Weld County

Thank you Mr. Jon so much for my bike! I love the big tires! I am so glad I don’t have to walk to school anymore and I can ride with my brother.

Mohammad5th grade, McElwain Elementary

Saturday was about the whole child, and it felt to me as if we are really bringing together the whole village. I will never again be able to see a child on a bicycle and not remember the incredible event that we were part of yesterday.  Thank you for making it a reality.

Stacy L. BedellPrincipal, Eiber Elementary

I’ve always had a hard time motivating my daughter to work hard at her math, but once she found out she could earn her bike, she worked so hard in school, even in math! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for her, she won’t stop smiling!

Parent4th grade student at Holm Elementary

Thanks for putting on such a great event… I had a blast fixing up the bikes and watching the kids walk away happy! Looking forward to the next time I help you again!

John KlishFeedback Sports

Before Dream Bike, I had to pay for motivations like popcorn parties and prizes out of my own pocket, but once you guys came and presented the program, my whole class changed! Only four of my students were meeting their reading goals before they found out they could earn a bike, helmet, lock, and safety lights, but at the end of the year only one student didn’t meet their reading goal, and I know that this is because of your program! Project ReCycle is such a blessing, thank you for this amazing opportunity for my students!

Mrs. Williams5th grade teacher at McElwain Elementary

You have an incredible organization that puts a lot of smiles on people’s faces. Thanks so much for your help!

Sharif AbdelhamidAssociate Director of Service Learning, Regis University

Most of our families are walking families, meaning they do not own a car and have to walk to school and work or take the bus. Because of Dream Bike, the students who received their bikes are more than likely now the most mobile member of their family, which is huge for their freedom, development, and self-worth. Thank you Project ReCycle for helping our families out in such a meaningful way.

Mrs. WoodwardPrincipal at Kenton Elementary
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