Tour of the Moon

Cycling season is winding down, but there’s still one of Colorado cyclist’s favorite rides coming up on October 1st in Grand Junction.  The Tour of the Moon is a premier ride for Coloradans. Cycling through the Colorado National Monument is a sight to be seen for sure.

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The All New Wacky Bike Ride

The Wacky Bike Ride is back and bigger than ever. The Wacky has grown a lot over the last five years and the original founders of the ride, siblings Susie and Ted Wargin, decided to turn over the Wacky to Project ReCycle this past February.

“We are very proud to be handing over the reins of the Wacky Bike Ride to Project ReCycle. Growing an event takes time and we both find we are having less and less of that these days. We want to see the Wacky grow and have the utmost confidence in AJ, Jeff, and all the great folks at Project ReCycle to make that happen,” said Susie Wargin.

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Copper Triangle- the Alpine Classic

Cycling season is now in full spin. And for those of you who have been watching The Tour de France, you may be inspired to challenge yourself and test your abilities on the bike. Colorado’s classic alpine race is coming up soon. This 78-mile loop takes place on Saturday, August 6th.

Cyclists will begin and end their ride in Copper Mountain resort.  Riders will pass three ski areas along the route.  After riding over Fremont, Tennessee, and Vail pass, bikers will gain almost 6,000 feet in elevation. This could be one of the most challenging day rides in the Colorado mountains, and some of the most breath-taking views as well.

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Riding the Rockies… Post Ride

Joe Bishop has only been cycling for a little over a year now. After attending last year’s Bike Give-Away, he was inspired to start riding with AJ and Team Project ReCycle last summer. “I’m a goal oriented person, and entering Ride the Rockies for the first time with Team PR was a challenging goal for me,” said Joe. The most challenging aspect of RTR for Joe was the duration of the ride. “I had done the Copper Triangle, but I hadn’t been on a long ride in the mountains for more than a day. Day three and four were really tough; I was really feeling it. But there was always someone there from the team to push me along, saying ‘you got this’.” Read more

Tim Page on Project ReCycle and Being Chair

Tim Page still remembers riding his bike as a child and the fun times it brought him. But only recently as an adult, has he gotten back on a bike. Just a couple of weeks ago, he bought his first “adult” bike and he took it out for a 10- mile spin and really enjoyed it. He then joined Team PR, got his jersey, and hopes to spend more time in the saddle.

Tim met AJ Stapleton about 6 years ago through church, and that’s how he first came to know about Project ReCycle. “About a year ago AJ approached me about becoming a board member and being more engaged with the operation and organization of Project ReCycle,” said Tim. Prior to that he had been to a bike-give-away, volunteered at some community outreach programs, and done some grant writing for the non-profit. And today Tim sits as Chair.

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Team PR Ridin’ the Rockies

Cycling season is in full speed. One of the most challenging and rewarding rides is upon us again.  Ride the Rockies is a 6-day tour through the stately mountains of Colorado beginning June 12th. The ride promises stops and tours through some of our favorite mountain towns.

This year’s ride starts in the enchanting town of Carbondale, then on to Aspen where cyclists will be able to experience the beauty and clean mountain air of Independence Pass from the saddle of their bike. Cyclists will then bike to Copper Mountain and onto Grand Lake. They will tour through Rocky Mountain National Park and into Fort Collins where the ride finishes up.

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And So it Begins…

erlogoblackColorado Cycling season is kicking off with the Elephant Rock Ride on Sunday, June 5th. This scenic ride takes place in the quaint town of Castle Rock. Rather you’re an avid cyclist or just getting started, there is a ride for you. And if the whole family wants to come out and ride and spend the day together there’s a perfect 8 mile family-friendly ride.

If you want to ride for a good cause, come on out and pedal with Team Project ReCycle and help raise money for the non-profit. If you’d love to help out but don’t want to get on the saddle, Project ReCycle will have a tent and needs volunteers to give out info and educate the community about all the great things it does.

Cyclists loved the new century ride last year, so E-Rock will be offering it again this year.  And for those of you who want a challenging ride but are not up for 100 miles, there’s a 62 miler… for the in-betweeners there’s a 27 and 40 miler filled with green, rolling hills and beautiful wildflowers along the way.

After your ride, join the picnic and Rock party. Friends and family can come to this even if they don’t ride. So mark your calendar and come check out all the music, food, fun, and of course Project ReCycle’s tent.

A Day When Dreams Come True

On the morning of May 7th, hundreds of kids and their parents showed up with huge smiles on their faces. It was time for Project ReCycle’s annual Dream-Bike Giveaway at Goddard Middle School. Each student earned their own bike based on teacher recommendation for attendance, behavior, and grade improvement. Out of 195 students, 175 earned a new bike, helmet, lock, and water bottle!

A sea of bicycles were spread out on the grass that morning waiting to be picked by the children. There were rows of bikes for every size and taste… some were pink with fringe hanging off the handlebars, some were cruisers, and then there were mountain bikes with shocks and gears.

DSC03542The children were measured and fitted for their new bikes and helmets. Volunteer bike mechanics stood by with racks and tools to make sure each bike was in top notch condition.

After the kids chose their bikes, there was lots more to do. Many hopped right on and sped off on their new ride, zooming around the school drop-off loop. A couple of the boys had a race! For those who didn’t feel like riding quite yet, there was a bike-decorating station and a face-painting station. The boys loved the sound that old-school playing cards made after they stuck them in the tire spokes. And the girls seemed to enjoy the pinwheels, fringe, and all things sparkly.

Project ReCycle also provided lots of goodies… volunteers were making freshly-popped popcorn, fluffy, pink cotton candy and serving bagels, donuts, and drinks.

It turned out to be a fun time for all. Many thanks go out to all of the dedicated volunteers. This event could not take place without your help! And congratulations to all the students who earned their amazing, new bikes!

Press Release: Wacky Bike Ride Changes Hands

LONE TREE, FEBRUARY 18,2016  –  As avid cyclists, siblings Susie and Ted Wargin participated in many organized bicycle rides and five years ago, they decided to start their own ride, the Wacky Bike Ride. Starting in Highlands Ranch, the ride benefited the Douglas County Educational Foundation, a program for Douglas County schools. The Wacky Bike Ride grew over the last 5 years and has a loyal following of cyclists, volunteers and sponsors. After the September 2015 event, the siblings decided it was time to make some changes and has entered a 3 year agreement turning the event over to Douglas County non-profit Project ReCycle.

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Wacky Bike Ride, Team PR and Ride The Rockies News

Wacky Bike Ride

wackyIt is official my friends !

PR is now the official beneficiary of the Wacky Bike Ride. The decision to purchase the ride is our commitment to add sustainable sources of income for our Non-Profit. We are delighted to be working with Susie and Ted Wargin, the ride founders. They have agreed to remain engaged in the ride as Emcees and event consultants. The collaboration made sense since our vision lined up with the ride purpose of helping children.  Our engagement will allow us to extend our support of children’s education beyond Douglas County.   Although we are hoping to keep the route the same for this year, we are adding a couple of great amenities for your entertainment. The website should be updated by March 1st. meanwhile like us on FB, and follow us on Twitter.


Team PR

jacketIf you haven’t signed up for the team this year, please do so ASAP.

We will be extending our Team Jacket bonus with registration until 2/29/2016.

We delayed the printing of jerseys until we could finalize our purchase of the Bike Ride. We have added a Wacky reference to the team jerseys, so we are now ready for final approval. For a complete list of team benefits, please follow the link below. you can also pay via the secured link.


Ride the Rockies Guaranteed Entry

rtrAs a collaborative partner of the RTR we have secured 18 guaranteed entries to the ride.  The RTR ride is only open to 2000 riders. Signing directly with them does not guarantee acceptance since they operate a lottery system to select participants.  The event sells out every year and many are turned away. As a member of our team, we have a guaranteed entry waiting for you.  We have 8 team members committed already. We have room for 10 more. Last year we had 18 people representing PR on this week long ride. Want to learn more or have an interest? please email me with the link below. Guaranteed Registration codes are available on first come basis. Registration closes 2/28/2016. Don’t Delay.